Mississippi Association for Gifted Children
P.O. Box 3545
Jackson, MS 39207






President: Jennifer Martin


President-Elect: Crawford Grabowski

Vice President: Whitney Wooten

Recording Secretary: Dale Hill


Corresponding Secretary: Vicki Latham

Treasurer: Laura McAlpin

Immediate Past President: Terry Gressett

Executive Director: Carol Paola, Long Beach



Advisory Board: Connie West

Arts: Marsha Noah


Assessment: Donna Welborn


Curriculum: Jennifer Martin

Legacy Project: Jamie Dowd


Legislative:  Michael Cox


Membership: Lisa Saucier

Outcomes Poster: Dekota Cheatham


Parent Affiliates: 

Scholarships/Awards: Ginger Langford

Supportive Funding: Zelda Cole

Technology: Kayla Quick


Website: Connie West 



Pam Keith

Pam Pape

Margaret Snider


Chairperson: Ms. Connie West

Mr. Toby Barker, Mayor of Hattiesburg

Mr. Richard Bennett, Mississippi House of Representatives

Ms. Kate Borsig, Past President

Ms. Jen Cornett, Gifted Education Specialist, Mississippi Department of Education

Ms. Carolyn Crawford, Mississippi House of Representatives 

Dr. Vicki Davidson, Director for Advanced Academics, Jackson Public Schools

Ms. Sandi Dulaney,  School Board Member and Parent of Gifted Students, Long Beach

Ms. Melissa Grantham, Past President, Retired Gifted Coordinator, Madison Schools

Ms. Trecina Green, Vice President of Special Projects, Kirkland Group 

Dr. Gail Hammond, Past President, Retired Teacher of the Gifted, Rankin County Schools 

Ms. Suzanne Hirsch, Director, Mississippi School for the Arts

Ms. Debbie Holt, Past President, Retired Gifted Coordinator, Long Beach School District

Dr. Sandra Manning, Past President, Retired Professor, University of Southern Mississippi 

Dr. Marlynn Martin, Retired Principal, Power APAC School, Jackson Public Schools 

Dr. Germain McConnell, Executive Director, Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science

Dr. Linda Mucha, Past President, Retired Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Harrison County School District

Ms. Emily Nelson, Director of Leadership Development, De Soto County School District

Ms. Judy Ratcliff,  Psychometrist, Hattiesburg Public Schools

Ms. Margaret Snider, Past President, Retired Teacher of the Gifted, Jackson Public Schools

Ms. Nancy Steen,  Adelman & Steen, LLP, Hattiesburg

Dr. Heath Stevens, Counselor, Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science

Dr. Margrit Wallace, Executive Director, Jackson Public Schools

Honorable Roger Wicker, United States Senate 

Ms. Joyce Youngblood, Past President, Retired Teacher of the Gifted, Gulfport School District 


Dr. Frances Karnes, Retired Director, Karnes Center for Gifted Studies, University of Southern Mississippi



1974   Dr. Frances A. Karnes

1975   Dr. Frances A. Karnes

1976   Dr. Frances A. Karnes
1977   Dr. Doug Evertt

1978   Ms. Di Ann Lewis

1979   Dr. Joe Ray Underwood

1980   Dr. Lela A. Alcorn

1981   Ms. Jean C. Prather

1982   Dr. Joanne Welch

1983   Ms. Pat Beane

1984   Dr. Margaret Carmean

1985   Ms. Beverly Alexander

1986   Ms. Melissa Grantham

1987   Dr. Suzanne Bean

1988   Dr. Marilyn Foxworth

1989   Ms.  Linda Kergosien 

1990   Ms. Marie Charles Cayson

1991   Dr. Mariella Simons

1992   Ms. Sherrye C. Thompson

1993   Dr. Linda Mucha

1994   Dr. Betty Montgomery

1995   Dr. Gail Hammond

1996   Ms. Carol Paola

1997   Dr. Michael Carr

1998   Ms. Holly Mitchell

1999   Ms. Shelah Reeves

2000   Ms. Jane Pickett

2001   Ms. Phyllis Mabowitz 

2002   Dr. Jane Everly

2003   Ms. Lia Landrum

2004   Ms. Mary Webb

2005   Dr. Kate Brown

2006   Dr. Kate Brown

2007   Ms. Margaret Snider

2008   Ms. Teresa Mosley

2009   Ms. Joyce Youngblood

2010   Ms. Sherry Willis

2011   Dr. Sandra Manning

2012   Mr. Glen Nobles

2013   Ms. Rhonda Denton

2014   Ms. Debbie Holt

2015   Ms. Melissa Pierce

2016   Ms. Donna Reynolds Welborn

2017   Mr. Michael Cox

2018   Ms. Laura McAlpin

2019   Ms. Connie West