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Does your gifted program have a Parent Group? If so, take time today to register your group as an affiliate of MAGC. Affiliation with MAGC is at no cost to your local association and adds your voice to ours in support of gifted education for Mississippi's children. Download Letter to Parent Groups.

Parent advocacy groups work to meet the needs of students in 

all areas of life. Gifted students have specific needs, and it is vital that these students have a Parent Advocacy Group that can...​​

  • provide opportunities for parents to collaborate with other parents of gifted learners, and receive encouragement and support.

  • help parents gain knowledge and insight about their gifted learner

  • educate others of the unique needs of gifted students

  • advocate appropriate educational opportunities and support of gifted and talented students

  • initiate change at the local and state level



Lisa Saucier, MAGC Membership Chairperson Email:

Carol Paola, MAGC Executive Director


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