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We Need Your Help to Stand up for Mississippi's Brightest­­...
Become a Member of MAGC Today!

Who should join?

School leaders, classroom teachers, assessment personnel, counselors, parents, and others with a vested interest in meeting the unique needs of gifted children and youth. 


Founded by parents and teachers in 1974, Mississippi Association for Gifted Children (MAGC) is a non-profit organization that serves as a public advocate for gifted children and youth in the state of Mississippi.  MAGC is the only state-level organization specifically for the gifted.  In 1988, MAGC initiated legislation that resulted in state mandated gifted programs and their funding in all Mississippi public school districts.  MAGC is an affiliate of the National Association for Gifted Children.


MAGC’s mission is to...

•Encourage advocacy, communication, and collaboration among educators, parents, agencies, and other organizations

•Address the unique needs of gifted children and improve the quality of their educational experiences

•Work for improvement in all areas of education and for better educational opportunities for all children.



MAGC provides..

  • An annual conference to provided information and training relevant to the education of gifted children and youth

  • Publications and information for teachers and families of gifted children

  • Student scholarships and teacher grants

  • Workshops and special training sessions for parents and teachers

  • Opportunities for teachers and parents to network and form support groups

  • Assistance to local parent affiliate groups who support gifted education in their communities



Why Is It Important To Advocate For Gifted Children and Youth?

 Gifted children are the only exceptional learners not protected under federal law for a free and appropriate public education.
• Less than 2 cents of every 100 educational dollars is spent on gifted education in the U.S.
• Gifted children are at a greater risk for underachievement.
• Many gifted children have mastered 35-50% of the curriculum in the five core subject areas before their school year begins.
• Without appropriate challenges, gifted students are likely to regress to normal or below normal levels of achievement.
• America’s top students do not perform well when compared with their counterparts around the world.
• Most public school teachers are not equipped to deal with the special needs of gifted children because they have no specific training in gifted.
"Without your support, our gifted students may never reach their full 
potential, and our state's greatest natural resource will never be fully realized."


Are you interested in becoming more involved in state-wide advocacy for gifted children?  MAGC is currently looking for people willing to accept the challenge of serving on committees with willingness to move into leadership positions. If you are interested in being considered for an office and/or committee, please review the Standing Committee/Officer Duties section in the MAGC Policies and Procedures and consider whether your district will support your involvement as a member of the MAGC board. Then click on the "Get Involved" button and submit the required information. We look forward to hearing from you!

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