House Bill 666

Gifted Programs

for 7th and 8th grade students

To all teachers,  parents, and supports of gifted children in Mississippi.


We are excited to alert you to the bill filed in the House by Representative Bennett, House Education Chair.  


 HB 666 requires all school districts to offer gifted education programs in 7th and 8th grades.  Current law requires gifted education to be offered through 6th grade.  HB 666 now heads to House Appropriations.  


Please ask your students and parents to write PERSONAL letters in support of this bill to their Legislators in the House and the Senate!  We have been encouraged to avoid FORM Letters and emails.  The most effective messages you can send will be personal letters from parents and students in gifted education. 


When we met with Representative Bennett during our MAGC Day at the Capitol, he was happy to support this action!  Please look for your legislators' names and and addresses at the link below.  


Thank you for all you do to support the needs of gifted children in Mississippi!


Carol Paola, Executive Director

Mississippi Association for Gifted Children

Download HB 666

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